About Me

– TheSunnyMachine –

Twitch Streaming – Creative Tech and Music Production 

My twitch stream content includes micro soldering, console mods and repair, and music production.

FixSunIt – Visit My youtube channel dedicated to console mods and repair.

I write and produce my own music in both Solo Projects like, LuckySunLight, and group projects like Keven, LifeToChrist, and various other projects. 

Visit OldEarthRecords.com to check out all the music projects I am involved with. 

 – InfiniteQuality.Live – 

Stream Improvement Community

I work with streamers on improving their content and get their tech dialed in.

I am also the Founder and Webmaster of InfiniteQuality.live, a community for twitch affiliates looking to improve and network with other streamers!

As a weekly host of the IQ podcast, I am joined by other great streamer and we discuss everything streaming related!

The InfniteQualityLive Youtube Video Channel is something I produce regular videos for, and I produce Streams for InfiniteQualitylive on Twitch weekly.

– Sunny –

Who is TheSunnyMachine?

My background and education is in video and new media design / production.  I have a BA in Visual and Performing Arts: Art and Technology from CSUSM. 

As an artist, I design merch, branding, motion graphics and web content for clients.  All of this together is basically a bunch of side hustles as a full time job.

My current hobby is micro soldering, console mods, and electronics repair.


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